Friday, February 1, 2013

Real Madrid vs Man Utd Preview - Champions League 2013

Real Madrid vs Man Utd Preview - Champions League 2013
Real Madrid have big game coming ahead against the team of the Manchester United . The real war of European champions will start from the next month January where the team of the Real Madrid will face the opponents Manchester United .

Real Madrid knows that its not an easy game for them and now they have to face Man Utd . Rooney , Ronaldo , Van Persie , and Benzema , all these players are the key moments in this game , Jose Mourinhio , and Sir Alex Ferguson this is a complete football portal last time it was Real Madrid who has won their match against the opponents.

Celtic vs Juventus Match Preview Champions League 2013

Celtic have a  big game coming ahead against the team Juventus in the Uefa Champions League clash , where only a winner can survive till the 2nd Leg, The 1st Leg of this Match will take place in the Celtic Park at this moment we can not predict about the performance of these two teams . Its not the First time when these two teams are coming face to face .

One time its Juventus who defeat the team of the Celtic in 2009 Champions League clash by 3-2 goals difference in 2010 its Celtic who take the dig at opponents and defeat Juventus by 4-3 goals difference lets see what happend in the Knock out rounds of 2013.